Can food be a healthy coping mechanism?

Why Metabolic Rate Has Effect On Weight Loss

Exercise is one of the two keys to weight loss; the other being diet. If we are engaged in an exercise routine with the goal of losing weight, we have probably already modified eating habits to best align with the exercise routines we have chosen.

On Your Way to a Gastric Bypass Surgery

It is very important to understand the gastric bypass surgical treatment process before planning to undergo a surgery. It is definitely a life changing decision and will bring about a drastic change in your daily lifestyle.

How To Achieve Healthy Weight Loss By Building Self-Discipline

Everybody loves a gimmick. Everybody loves a turnkey solution. Everybody likes automatic and simple and easy solution to even the most complicated of life’s problems.

Greek Yogurt Vs Normal Yogurt – A Health Food Comparison

A quick glance at supermarket shelves shows the observant consumer that Greek yogurt is virtually taking over from regular yogurt. Thanks in large part to the Fage Greek commercials, the sugary, low-nutritional value (comparatively) options are being replaced at record pace by the thick and creamy superfood from the Mediterranean. If you doubt that Greek yogurt deserves the superfood classification, just consider some of the benefits: Greek yogurt has probiotics (some regular yogurts do, too) that really do a positive number on your stomach and digestive tract.

Hypnosis For Weight Loss: Why You Plateau And How Hypnosis Can Help You Move Beyond It For Good

Virtually anyone who’s ever tried to lose a significant amount of weight at some point in his or her life has experienced the dreaded phenomenon of the weight loss plateau. If you’ve passed a few of your weight loss milestones but have not yet reached your ideal weight, and have instead hit that weight loss wall or plateau, then read on to learn how using hypnosis as a weight loss tool may help you avoid backsliding so you can stay on the path to health, and reach your goal weight for life.

5 Reasons for You to Lose Weight

“Why i should lose weight?” That’s a nice question.1 week ago a client asked that same question to me. He was a young boy of 13 years. His weight was 60 kg with a BMI of 29.75. He asked me “Miss Expert, will you please tell me why I should lose weight?” I was a little surprised with the question but i have found the answer.

5 Ways on How to Reduce Tummy Fat

When questioned about how to reduce tummy fat, most people reply with performing strenuous abdominal exercises or going on a strict diet. Unfortunately, these common suggestions are not that effective. What most people don’t know is that there are ways to get rid of stomach fat without punishing the body through hardcore workouts or depriving yourself of food.

How to Make Fat Burners Work for You

While all fat burners offer the same thing, that is, to help us lose unwanted pounds and achieve a perfect physique, not all fat burners are created equal – some will be more effective than the others and some just won’t work at all. Find out the secrets of how to make your fat burners work well for you and get not just the body you want but also your money’s worth.

How to Choose the Best Fat Burners

In bodybuilding, losing fat is as essential as building muscle to help one achieve that ripped physique. However, with the multitude of products available in the market today, it can be easy to choose the wrong fat burners rather than the right ones. Read on to find out how you can choose the best fat burners and what you need to do to maximize its benefits.

Top Home Remedies for Weight Loss

You can achieve weight loss through reliable and safe home remedies. Before buying herbal supplements, make sure that you choose only pure products that are approved by the government.

Post-Partum Weight Loss

Post-partum weight loss can be challenging. Get some answers here.

How to Lose Weight Naturally: No Pills, No Surgery, No Problem

With weight loss subjects on the rise it is hard to find a true working way of losing weight. Pills promise you results, surgeries are horrible for your body, and even worse, weight loss is hard enough to do by yourself. With weight loss being the seconds highest searched term on the internet a lot of you may be asking yourselves, how can I lose weight. Today, were going to take a look at a way to help you lose weight but in a natural way.

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