EASY Eggplant Soup (Turkish Eggplant Soup)

Looks DO Matter

You’d think that after millions of years of evolution, technical and psychological innovation, social and economical growth and revolutionary discoveries that we’d have the knowledge and logic to surpass what our eyes first see and instead delve deeper into our subject matter. The sad truth is, we don’t, because we can’t; we’re simply not designed to. This is based on our inbred survival instincts and our need to “categorize” everything we see; in the early years of our evolutionary cycle, this allowed us to determine threats and prioritize our targets accordingly.

The Scoop – Herbalife Weight Loss Shakes

Herbalife Shakes have been around for over 30 years. They first started in the weight loss industry with a shake mix. Now, with a massive amount of weight loss shakes on the market today, one has to wonder what makes Herbalife weight loss shakes any better than all the rest.

Your Scale Is a Big Fat Liar

Your biggest enemy in achieving your health and fitness goals doesn’t live in your refrigerator. It’s not your secret cookie stash. It doesn’t live anywhere in your kitchen at all. For most people the #1 source of discouragement and frustration probably lives in your bathroom. I affectionately call mine the ‘Lying Momentum Killer’. His name… Your Scale.

Helpful Aspects of Weight Loss Supplements

The article depicts the need of weight loss supplements for women. It discusses what happens to women over 40 and what they can do to help themselves with supplements.

How Weight Loss Supplements Can Help Women

This article shows why women need weight loss supplements. It discusses what happens to women over 40 and what they can do to help themselves with supplements.

Women’s Health – Weight Loss and a Child’s Toy

Most women know that weight and health share a very close bond in their bodies. This article looks into ‘yo-yo’ dieting, what causes it and how to avoid it, including a tiny peek into the superior female brain.

Drop Those Last Few Pounds With Easy Fitness Solutions

Are you working out, eating healthy, doing all the right things and still finding it difficult to lose those last few pounds? Believe it or not research from the University of Pittsburgh’s medical department shows that those last 5 to 10 pounds are truly the hardest to lose. The reason is that as you lose weight you become smaller which means your body needs less energy to sustain itself therefore, making it harder and harder…

5 Simple Tips To Jump Start Your Weight Loss

Everyday thousands of people across the globe start a new diet or weight loss plan. Unfortunately the majority of these people will be unsuccessful in their weight loss attempts. Losing weight requires commitment and discipline. However, there are some simple things you can do to increase your chances of losing weight and keeping it off for good. This article discusses 5 tips to help your weight loss.

Losing Weight Quickly – Is It Possible to Lose Weight Quickly

Losing weight quickly is possible if you are ready to do what it takes. Discover the secret of quick weight loss method.

5 Fool Proof Tips to Help You Lose Body Fat Fast (and Why They Work)

Everyone wants to look good, to be healthier and to be at ease with themselves. One of the best ways to do this is to reduce your body fat and thus improve your self image. The problem being that there is a lot of false information on the internet regarding this.

More Bad News For Soft Drink Drinkers

If you want to lose weight and stay healthy then you know that cutting down on sugar is essential. Unfortunately sugar is hidden in many products. It’s even in products that you might not expect to find it – savoury products like potato crisps, baked beans, and mayonnaise. But soft drinks and sports drinks have been identified as one of the worst culprits with the equivalent of around 10 teaspoons of sugar in each can of coke. And it is now known that even drinking as little as two cans a week can adversely affect your metabolism and your body’s ability to burn fat. When your body can’t burn fat it stores it.

Overweight Doctors Dispensing Weight Loss Advice

Are overweight doctors able to supervise successful weight loss programs? A new study indicates that patients who turn to overweight doctors to assist them in their weight loss efforts are less likely to lose weight and keep it off.

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