Keto Day of Eating with Two Young Kids

Cardio Exercises and Losing Weight

People who like to lose weight through exercises may try some cardio workouts. However, they have to know how much and what kind of cardio exercises they would need.

7 Revolutionary Lean Laws To Live By

You say you want a Revolution? Well, maybe not! Revolution requires an immense amount of focused effort. I was recently asked by woman who was interested in our programs that if she did everything right and still didn’t lose all the weight she expected to would she be charged.

About Bariatric Meal Replacement For Weight Loss

Bariatric meal replacement for weight loss provides a specific food plan to individuals. The plan contains options for food and drinks that have low calorie counts.

Weight Loss – The Importance of Alkalinity

This very well may be the most important article that you ever read in your life. I realize that may sound arrogant, but just read on and you will see why I feel so strongly about it. When I refer to alkalinity, I am referring to the alkalinity of your blood. Whether you are looking to achieve weight loss or just improve your general wellbeing, alkalinity is the key. Let me explain why.

Fat Loss Diet – 3 More Myths That You Need To Know About

In a previous article I covered 2 diet myths that may be holding you back from achieving your fat loss dreams. Well, I have 3 more here for you. When going on any sort of fat loss diet it is important to keep these myths in mind and to understand that food is your friend and not the enemy. Some of these may sound strange to you, but just trust me and apply them to your diet.

Fat Loss Diet – 2 Myths Finally Explained

If I had a dollar for every time that I have heard one of these myths, I would have retired to some secluded island in the Pacific Ocean a long time ago. I want to explain some of the most common myths that I come across so that you can put the knowledge to good use in your own fat loss diet. In fact some of these myths may even be holding you back from achieving your potential: So read on and take notes.

How Do You Stretch?

Flexibility as part of Fitness- When we talk about fitness we often think about the number of reps of weights you can do, or how many miles you can run, or lengths you can swim. However, fitness and wellbeing are a far more all-encompassing notion and one of the most important things to consider in a holistic approach is flexibility. We often find that people never consider flexibility, when they think of fitness.

Tips on How to Reduce Your Weight!

Being able to lose those extra bulges of fat is a dream come true for many people today all over the world. Obesity is a health challenge being faced by many today and these people are busy looking out for ways to tackle this weighty problem. Losing weight potentially doesn’t always demand starving yourself or exercising extensively on costly exercising equipment.

7 Extra Meals Make You Thinner

According to a study from the Vanderbilt University in Nashville state, it found that drinking a cup of coffee before breakfast can effectively control your appetite. You will feel full after eating 75% of food and the speed of burning fat will be accelerated by 15%.

The Soup Diet

If you were listening to my teleseminar the other day then you will know that I am a big fan of the soup. Filling, nutritious and easy to digest. It’s hard not to notice the drop in temperature of late and the darker, shorter evenings.

How to Drop a Dress Size in Four Weeks

This article highlights three common myths about exercise and dieting. It goes against the conventional wisdom of how to lose weight and feel great.

Bikini Competition: Husband Tells All As His Wife Preps For Her First Ever Bikini Competition

If you’re interested in knowing everything there is to know about getting ready for a bikini competition, I’ll give you my honest take. I’ve been watching my wife, Alita, preparing for her first ever competition and I’ll tell it the way is is. Keep reading…

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