No Equipment Bodyweight Strength Circuit Follow Along

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No Equipment Bodyweight Strength Circuit Follow Along

No Equipment Bodyweight Strength Circuit Follow Along (Transcript)

One of my most commonly requested videos is for no equipment bodyweight, strength exercises I hear you bodyweight exercises are convenient and a wonderful place to start when you’re, looking to build full body strength.

So in today’s episode, I’ll cover this circuit with 4 strength, exercises that require no equipment or much space. First, I ‘ll briefly cover the exercises. Then I’ll perform them in a circuit so that you can follow along with me.

Let’s get started.  Follow along with this first exercise; a squat hold. This isometric exercise strengthens your lower body, while improving hip mobility Stand with feet. Shoulder-Width. Apart draw your navel in, and slowly hinge, your hips back as if you’re sitting in a chair, Breathe calmly and hold this position for 10 seconds.

Keep your chest open shoulders down and chin level squeeze your gluts throughout. This exercise will strengthen your core and upper body while improving shoulder stability, Get into a straight arm plank position with your shoulders directly over your wrists feet.

Shoulder-Width apart, engage your core and glutes and reach one arm forward, Pause and hold this position then return your hand to start position Reset your hips and repeat, on the other side, Breathe calmly and focus on maintaining stable, hips throughout.

Look at the ground a few inches in front of you. This circuit exercise will train your balance and strengthen your posterior chain, which include your calves, hamstrings, glutes and back Stand tall on one leg.

With your navel drawn in toward the spine arms wide at chest, height Engage your shoulder. Blades to hold your arms in place, Bend your knees slightly and reach your torso forward, Extending the opposite leg behind you until your chest is parallel with the floor, Pause squeezing your glutes and return to start position Repeat for several reps before switching to the other side, Keep your back leg active and establish a grounded feeling through the planted foot throughout This exercise, strengthens your adductors and glutes, while training balance Stand with feet close together facing straight forward, Lunge laterally then push off the foot and transfer your weight onto one leg, Pause and Hold the single leg position, with your knee at hip height.

I like to touch the ground, each rep repeat several times on one leg before switching sides, Keep your weight shifted straight back and push through your heels as you stand, Move in a controlled manner and establish Balance each rep That was a great round.

Now it’s time for you to practice., Do two more rounds for a total of three. You can make the circuit more challenging by adding reps. Thank you for joining me for this week’s strength circuit. Please stay tuned for more no equipment bodyweight strength circuit follow alongs.

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